About Promise Warmth

Celebration, Festivity, and Family are just some words which come to mind when we think of winter. However for many, winter is a time of unforgiving cold resulting in the death of thousands.

Currently, there are hundreds of refugee families living on the outskirts of Delhi, India, living in makeshift shelters and struggling to survive the harsh winter.

But we can change that. As our name “Promise Warmth” suggests, we have promised to bring warmth into the lives of our less fortunate brothers and sister and we intend on fulfilling that promise.

With your help, we can provide these families with warm wool blankets to protect them from the winter cold. A simple donation of $25.00 can provide 3 blankets to these families.

Together we can promise warmth.

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Promise Warmth Volunteers

Please consider helping us support the underprivileged during this uncertain time.

Radhika Desai

Social Media Representative

Hi my name is Radhika Desai, I graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a degree in Digital Media

Isabelle Hum

Social Media Representative

Hi my name is Isabelle Hum. I’m a Communication graduate of the University of Maryland College Park

Shiv Sapa

Social Media Representative

My name is Shiv Sapa. I am a young creative studying Public Relations at UMD. I hope to use my social media

Jiya Amin

Social Media Representative

My name is Jiya Amin and I am a current high school student who plans to attend medical school and accomplish my goals of becoming a doctor.

coming soon..


Social Media Representative

My name is Krisha Pandya. I am a young high schooler hoping to pursue medicine in the future.

coming soon..

Coming Soon...

A dedicated volunteer

Mahendra Sapa, PMP, CSM

Program Management Consultant

Namaste!! This is Mahendra Sapa, a program management consultant and a volunteer at Promise Warmth.

Manish Thouri

Volunteer at PromiseWarmth

Philanthropist by nature, I have been associated with many social service organizations in the area

Dev Sharma MS (CSC), LLB Entrepreneur - Law & Healthcare IT

Web Administrator

Namaste! This is Dev Sharma. I am involved as a volunteer with various